Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break my Stride

A tiny, sassy, jigsaw puzzle by Indigo, but manufactured by Andrew’s Blaine. I will be honest, this image did not speak to me at all, but I noticed that this little puzzle was made by Andrew’s Blaine, one of my favourites!

It was this tiny little plastic box, and the pieces looked pretty sturdy, I also liked the thrift store price of 75 cents. I picked this up in Sechelt this summer, and actually intended to assemble it on the flight to Halifax. But Alomar, our sweet little kitty, cried for the whole journey. I was a bit worried and never actually pulled out the puzzle on the plane.

This was a challenging little thing, it took longer than I expected! The pieces didn’t exactly lock together either, you may be able to see in the photos that the interlocking areas aren’t super defined so the pieces don’t really stay put.

All in all, a fun little distraction on a Monday night. 108 pieces and complete.

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