Common Quilt Block Patterns

Todays puzzle is so pretty! I’ve loved this one for a while now, and I found it at the thrift store finally! This is Common Quilt Blocks by Cobble Hill.

I think everyone who reads this blog or knows me, knows how much I love textile art. Quilting is such a classic form of textile art! This lovely puzzle checked all the boxes, fun fabric prints, rainbow order, and a grid layout.

Each box has a label underneath each block with the name of the stitch and block pattern type. This came together pretty quickly, but it’s the type of puzzle that I’ll do over again.

This is such a photogenic puzzle! I love it, Cobble Hill wins again 🙂

This is a 1000 piece puzzle, I found it at the Value Village on Hastings street in Vancouver, (before it burned down) and it was complete!

Check out some of my most favourite puzzles featuring Textile art. Party at Linette’s and Home, Sweet, Home by Springbok from 1974.